There are so many reasons behind the creation of this blog. Really, it’s an online journal in a vast ocean of far wittier, more interesting, more relevant blogs. For me this will be a place to write about my victories, my frustrations, my projects. If what I write makes it in front of someone who finds it helpful or insightful, then great. If what I write sits here in the great void of the interwebs, then that’s great too.

I know (both personally and internetally) people who maintain multiple blogs, generally divided up by subject matter. Hahahahahaha! Oh, that I had the time/skill/inclination to be so structured. No, I expect to post about anything and everything, from my quest to live a healthier lifestyle, to my job, to my family, to the music on my iPod.

I am going to try and do one thing in every blog post, however, and that’s make mention of a blog that I enjoy (and add said blog to the Links section). I have found my way to many, many wonderful blogs via the Links sections on other blogs, and hope to pass on my favorites should any living, breathing soul stumble upon this place.

So, first things first. About me. I am in my mid-30s, and live and work in the greater metropolitan Big City, USA area. I have what I refer to as a Very Demanding Professional Career, and an insanely long commute. The result is that I am often away from the house for 11-12 hours a day, sometimes longer. I am married, and my husband is often gone for weeks or months at a time for his job. So yeah, I am, functionally speaking, a single mom most of the time. I have two daughters who are school aged (D1 and D2), and a baby son (S). Truth be told, I’m chubby and nerdy, and I have a tendency to isolate myself (especially when the demands at home and work are so high). This blog is part of my commitment to myself, to stay in touch what who I am, what’s going on in the world and in my life, and how I live in the world.

Being the obnoxious perfectionist that I am, I noodled on the blog name for an irrationally long period of time. I chose Everything Indeed, because I am accused of using the word “indeed” to an annoying extent. As with these kinds of things, literally the millisecond after I entered the blog name, I regretted it. You see, my main inspiration for being here is my all-time favorite blog, which can be found at That blogger, Linda, approaches her blog much in the way that I hope to approach this one. And the second I typed “Everything Indeed,” and clicked “submit,” I realized that it is a totally, completely lame copycat name. I guess Linda inspired me more than I realized. But, to my neophyte blogging self, it appears that a blog name is one of those set-in-granite forever-unchageable things in the universe. Like the tides. And Nicole Kidman’s forehead. So here I am, everything indeed.