Between the blizzard and being stretched pretty thin personally and professionally, I’ve been walking around in quit a fog over the last couple of weeks. But the sun is shining, it’s Friday, and I’m shaking the cobwebs out of my noggin.

I found a SUPERB blog this week, one that lessens the shame I feel about being overweight, while teaching ways to develop a healthy relationship with food, no matter what one chooses to eat. I give you, The Fat Nutritionist.  Once again, it’s a blog that’s been around for awhile, with many followers, and I’m rather late to the game. But Michelle over there is all about removing any sort of moral judgment from the fact of one’s weight, or what one eats.  And I *love* that.

Anyway, we are 16 days post blizzard, and virtually all the snow is gone.  It was well into the 50s here yesterday.  And all you big dog owners know what this means.  It means Big Dog goes out back, and comes back inside with mud caked up in between his toes and under his claws, and his undercarriage gets all splattered with God only knows what, mixed with mud.

We have hardwood floors in our little house, and with a newly mobile baby (crawling like a champ, if I do say so myself), I confess to being super-anal about how clean Big Dog’s paws have to be before I will let him roam in the living room.  So I dug out an old pitcher, and have taken to filling it with water and washing Big Dog’s paws, one at a time, when he comes in from the mud.  That’s right.  Big Dog gets a Doggie Foot Spa Bath several times a day.